Type of student accommodation in UK


How to pick the right accommodation in UK


     For friends who are preparing to study in the UK, It is one of the most important things that we will be living in or the dormitory we are going to live in, as we will have to spend our whole year while studying in the UK so it is important to choose our second home as best as possible. Some friends may still have doubts about accommodation. There are many types, both on and off-campus. Accommodation in the UK usually charge for a week. Today we are going to look at the main types of dormitories and the advantages and disadvantages of each dormitory.


University  Accommodation


Worst UK Universities for Student Accommodation - PROPERTY SECRETS



  • Easy to go to campus because the  dormitories are located inside the university and can go to study by walk. The dormitory will include water , electricity and internet bills without having to pay more.
  • The dorm is safe. Parents can be trusted because they are in the university campus, staff are available 24 hours a day. If there is any problem The agent will be able to coordinate and contact staff immediately.



  • If the university and The center are far apart, you may have to take a bus to enter the city. Not suitable for people who are very addicted to the city But usually the university and the city are approximately 15-20 minutes apart by bus. Some university offer Free shuttle or a special price ticket for students.


There are three main types of dormitories within the university.



Couples - Accommodation, University of York


            Studio is the highest priced dorm because there have everything in their room. Ideal for student who like privacy, this studio room has everything : A bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen.




  • Privacy
  • Complete facilities.



  • Expensive
  • The kitchen and bedroom don’t have a partitions. When cooking, it may have a temporary smell.



Shared Bathroom


Shared Bathroom - Lazy Sunday Hostel - Hostel in Bangkok


 Dormitory like this will be most affordable. It is a room with private bedroom and a sink in the room. But the bathroom and The kitchen are shared with friends in the dorm. Suitable for students who want to save money or not serious about sharing the bathroom and kitchen with other.



  • The cheapest type of accommodation



  • You have to use the bathroom and kitchen with your friends.
  • There may be problems if the friends go to school at the same  times, you have to wait to use bathroom next to each other.
  • Can’t control the cleaning



Durham Student Accommodation | Student Castle


En-suite dormitories are very popular with international students. Inside a room with bedroom and a private bathroom. As for the kitchen and living room, it will be shared with about 6-10 people depending on the dormitory.


  •  There is privacy for the bedroom and bathroom
  •  Using the shared kitchen is a great to interact with foreign friends.
  •  The central area will be cleaned by dormitory staff every week.
  •  The price will be more affordable than the Studio.



Private Accommodation

Purpose Built Student Accommodation - FHP Living


  •  Met friends from different institutions who came to live with us and made us make more friends. Most private dorm are in the City Center if anyone likes a       city atmosphere or don't want to stay in the university, you can choose a private dorm.




  • Must take time to come to study Because most of the dormitories are in the city You may have to take a bus to go to university Except our university is a city campus.